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“We have a standard, efficient solution for seamless payroll-to-pension processing.”

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How Portt & Co make SMEs’ lives less stressful with PensionSync

Tell us about your company

One of Portt & Co’s core business aims is to make the lives of our clients easier and less stressful, meaning that they have time to focus on growth and their own family and wellbeing. We provide SME clients with an outsourced finance department, including bookkeeping with management accounts, payroll and pensions.

How does PensionSync help make SME lives easier?

With PensionSync we have a standard, efficient process for pensions which is integrated with our payroll software. This means that our clients don’t need to log in to pension provider websites to upload files or approve payments. All of that manual work becomes automated, as part of our payroll service.

Why is outsourcing a good idea for small businesses?

For organisations with fewer than 500 employees, it may not make financial sense to employ in-house financial specialists. Outsourcing functions like payroll and pensions to our experienced team is a cost-effective and time-saving solution, giving you peace of mind that your processes are compliant and your valuable employees are being paid correctly and on time, every time.

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PensionSync benefits

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We can be your outsourced Finance Department
Services include remote Finance Director, bookkeeping with management accounts as well as payroll and pensions.

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We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients
We are focused on value over volume - we treat your business as an extension of our own.

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Payroll and pensions as an integrated service
We use market-leading payroll software with PensionSync built in, giving our clients a seamless payroll-to-pension experience.