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3,051,710 employee data lines processed
16,754,343 calls made to our api
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We connect payroll software to pension providers
to help lower the burden of autoenrolment

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Connecting payroll to pensions.
pensionsync is exclusively available via our approved payroll software partners

How will pensionsync save me time?

Increases efficiency
pensionsync provides AE data transfer in a similar way to your FPS & EPS submissions;
removing the need for constantly logging in to different pension provider sites.

No manual input
pensionsync removes the need for manually checking and manipulating CSV files.

Reduced errors
pensionsync validates your data against the pension provider’s requirements & fixes common reasons for file failure. Where errors occur, these are fixed in your payroll system

Increases synchronisation
pensionsync keeps your system notified of pension scheme changes, opt ins and opt outs with no need for manual data entry.

Add client value, add employee benefits, add benefits.market

Increasing your offering
benefits.market means that even your smallest employers can buy benefits without adviser fees.
Covering a range of benefits, benefits.market compares a range of providers. Widen your offering, increase the value of your services & improve client retention.

Stay in control
Invitations to benefits.market are made by you and only you.

Efficient administration
benefits.market refreshes illustrations every time successful pension upload. pensionsync takes care of the support.

How will pensionsync grow my business?

We will help you win new clients
We will market your business to new clients, encouraging them to take up your payroll, pensions and employee benefits services enabled by pensionsync technology.

Frees up your time
Rather than limit your business through manual processes, pensionsync frees up resources so that you can competitively price your proposition and take on more clients.

Promotes choice
pensionsync works with all of the main “whole of market” workplace pension providers - so you can provide your clients with choice without compromising service.

pensionsync has been designed specifically to reduce the payroll burden for the 1.5m+ employers with Automatic Enrolment duties.

Research undertaken by the University of Leeds showed that payroll costs have increased by c.30% as a result of AE. Automating those processes can significantly offset that increase and, where this automation is provided for free, can offer scope accountants, bureaux and bookkeepers to turn AE into a significant revenue generating part of their business. This table illustrates why:

Example savings per Bureau
#Employers #Employees #Av employees Payroll frequency Pensionsync cost / month Average time saved (hrs) Resource saving / month
200 3,000 15 75% Monthly
25% Weekly
FREE 181 £2,475
150 1,350 9 75% Monthly
25% Weekly
FREE 136 £1,867
100 600 6 75% Monthly
25% Weekly
FREE 90 £1,237

Interested in using pensionsync?

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