“PensionSync enables us to provide an extra outsourcing service without increasing fees.”

Jen Mockridge


Payroll Manager



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How outsourcing with BookCheck increases profits for accountants

Tell us about your company

BookCheck has provided a full payroll service for 26 years, in particular with clients of accountants. Under ISO 9001 our payroll team of twelve UK staff now handles all the furlough calculations and submissions. Our clients are across the UK from Cornwall to Inverness. We welcome even the smallest payroll of 1 person. What is special about us is our personal, one to one service.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to BookCheck?

BookCheck provides the specialist know-how, settled systems and processes required to deliver the high standard of service your clients expect. Minimise risk, avoid resourcing issues, avoid client payroll problems, guarantee an easy margin and free up your time to focus on more profitable services.

How important is technology in the modern bureau?

Essential! We have developed all of these with technology efficiencies: pensions, payments, payslips, payroll processing and reporting – every aspect. 

PensionSync technology has enabled us to provide a comprehensive pension solution to our payroll clients without increasing fees.


Worry free payroll with auto-enrolment.

PensionSync benefits

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Market leading specialist software
We use IRIS Payroll Professional and PensionSync, ensuring your clients benefit from the best payroll and pension technology.

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Secure, efficient and reliable processing
We avoid manual handling with systems like PensionSync, ensuring your clients’ data is secure and accurate at all times.

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Your client relationships, our expert service
Your clients are still your clients - but BookCheck provides all aspects of the day-to-day service on your behalf.