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“Without PensionSync we would have needed to recruit at least two extra employees.”

Liz Robins


Managing Director


AS Robins Payroll & HR Solutions

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How PensionSync adds value to AS Robins’ client relationships

Tell us about your company

AS Robins is a passionate, award-winning market leader in delivering solutions to the increasingly onerous payroll, HR and pension burdens that employers face. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that they always receive a professional, approachable, and reliable service.

What challenges do you face around pensions?

Since auto-enrolment was introduced in 2012, it has shifted the balance between payroll work and pension work within our bureau. The legislation is complex and so are the administrative processes. Without PensionSync we would have needed to recruit at least two extra employees just to manage pensions.

How does PensionSync fit into your payroll operation?

PensionSync works seamlessly with our payroll software - QTAC Payroll - freeing up time to focus on what really matters to our clients. Our service is about more than just pushing a button: we spend time talking to clients and helping them to understand their obligations and make informed choices. With PensionSync onboard we can do that.

AS Robins Payroll & HR Solutions

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PensionSync benefits

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PensionSync is a partner to our business
PensionSync is more than just software: they provide expertise and support tailored to the needs of our bureau.

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We process pension tasks at the click of a button
Our team has fewer manual tasks to complete, and spends less time dealing with different pension websites and file types.

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We gain the time to build stronger client relationships
Investing in the right technology frees up time for our payroll and pension experts to deliver real value to our clients.