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“PensionSync technology is essential to our business - we couldn’t be without it.”

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Abco Payroll

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How Abco use PensionSync to ease the SME admin burden

Tell us about your company

Abco gets on with the job of managing your payroll and pensions, enabling you to focus on your core business and easing administrative pressure. Well established and reputable, we provide a cost-effective outsourced service specifically for small and medium sized employers (SMEs) wishing to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

How have you adopted PensionSync technology?

We have used PensionSync through IRIS Payroll Professional since 2018. This combination enables us to offer a comprehensive payroll and pension bureau service for the SME market. The PensionSync technology is essential to our business - we couldn’t be without it, and the integration was a key factor in our choice of payroll software.

What are the benefits of partnering with PensionSync?

We process over 160 pension schemes through PensionSync. The time-savings are enormous when compared to doing these manually. PensionSync genuinely treats us as a business partner, meaning they actively seek our input and value our ideas. There is no lip-service: we know that when we suggest a feature or an improvement it will be considered, and good ideas become reality quickly with this company.

Abco Payroll

Save time and money outsourcing your payroll and pensions to us.

PensionSync benefits

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We can view all our pension data submissions in one place
The PensionSync Dashboard lets us know when the pension has been processed. Any alerts or errors are clearly explained.

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Our payroll software works seamlessly with PensionSync
A key factor in our decision to choose IRIS Payroll Professional was the efficient and easy to use
integration with PensionSync.

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We can offer a tailored service without multiple processes
PensionSync works with a range of pension providers enabling us to use a single pension process for the majority of our clients.