Pensions Dashboard

The smarter way to manage pensions

PensionSync’s Pensions Dashboard is your one stop shop for setting up and managing your workplace pension schemes. Built for bureaux, the Pensions Dashboard houses everything you need to streamline the pensions process.

PensionSync Pensions Dashboard

Managing all your clients’ pensions in one place

The Pensions Dashboard gives bureaux full visibility across all clients and connected schemes. No more switching between systems, it’s all on the Pension Dashboard.

Manage all your clients’ pension schemes in one place, across multiple pension providers, powered by your payroll data
Automate enrolments, contributions and payment approval easily
See client specific scheme details, worker updates and notifications to keep on top of your pension processes
At a glance process monitoring
Assign users to see and action specific schemes
View data without having to open CSV files, preventing you from amending the data formats
Access management information and advanced data tools