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Time-saving tool for your payroll software

Tired of extensive CSV builds, multiple integrations and constantly needing support? With PensionSync you won’t have to navigate these complexities again.

PensionSync help centre

Put your focus back on payroll support

Payroll software is your focus, not pensions. With PensionSync’s intuitive setup and ease of use, you’ll be able to reduce the customer support burden concerning pensions on your busy team. Our extensive support library also provides bespoke guides, tools and resources tailored to your payroll software.

PensionSync Dashboard

Boost your company offering

Pensions and payroll go hand in hand. By managing their payroll pension requirements through automation, PensionSync provides your business with an all encompassing payroll solution to clients.

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Pensions Dashboard

Pensions Dashboard

The UK’s only one-stop-shop for payroll-to-pension processing. API integration and CSV upload and export options allow users to manage their pension administration quickly and easily in one place, even if they use more than one pension provider.

Single integration to pension providers

Single integration to pension providers

PensionSync saves your developers time by focusing on a single integration for multiple pension providers. By connecting through PensionSync, you eliminate the need to build out multiple scheme CSV files and the associated maintenance, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

Solution oriented software

Solution oriented software

PensionSync is compatible with major payroll software and pension schemes. Choose from a range of flexible integration and data output options to suit your existing systems. Whether you have API or SFTP capability, PensionSync can provide a solution to suit you. For both cloud and non-cloud payroll software, PensionSync sorts out the tricky authorisation components for you.