Pain-free payroll to pensions

PensionSync is an all in one tool that simplifies the complexities of pensions processing for bureaux. PensionSync was designed to streamline the process of connecting payroll to pension schemes.

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See how PensionSync eliminates time spent manually processing Nest pension contributions.

Spend less time managing the pain points of pensions and more time building your business.

PensionSync is compatible with any payroll software and any UK pension provider, PensionSync is a true one stop shop for all your pension management needs.

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Flexibility without the fuss

Not all pension schemes and payroll softwares are created equally. PensionSync provides a single pension process across all UK pension schemes, offering greater opportunities to cater to different client needs, without the complexities attached to individual schemes.

PensionSync’s flexible setup caters to different softwares, either through automation or through a simple CSV import/export file.

PensionSync Dashboard view scheme details

Everything in one place

PensionSync is the only system that allows your bureau to have visibility of all your schemes in one place. The pensions dashboard features ‘at a glance’ process monitoring, comprehensive reporting and auditing features. Using more than one payroll software and more than one pension provider? No problem.

PensionSync Dashboard view errors

Efficiency at its core

PensionSync allows you to check data prior to submission, with easy notifications indicating success, error or information alerts. Likewise, with a built-in bureau search and filter option, you can easily track and audit post submission pension data across all your connected schemes directly from PensionSync, without the need to log in to different pension provider websites.


Automated pension processing

Automated pension processing

PensionSync lets you automatically enrol workers directly from your payroll software, check contribution data is validated and sent to the pension scheme with a clear audit trail and automatically track opt outs and worker changes.

Automated direct debit payments

Automated direct debit payments

Nest pension direct debit payments are automated, so there’s no need to log in to Nest each pay period to manually push a button. For other pension providers, simply send contribution data and the pension provider will trigger the direct debit collection for you.

Pension data error correction

Pension data error correction

PensionSync automatically corrects common errors between payroll and pensions in the correct format requirements for the relevant pension scheme. There’s no need to make changes to payroll or change pension configurations.

Help when you need it

Help when you need it

Our online help centre gives guidance on how to manage your payroll-to-pension administration, with specific help content for each pension provider and payroll software so the answers are always available at your fingertips.