Simplify pensions
for your employers

PensionSync is a powerful tool that simplifies the complexities of pensions processing for UK employers.

Gain control of the entire pensions process

With PensionSync you can set up a brand new scheme, or connect your existing scheme and manage the entire pensions process directly from the PensionSync Dashboard.

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Create a compliant scheme

You can set up a compliant scheme with one of the connected pension providers in a matter of minutes. With easy step by step instructions, pension compliance has never been easier.

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Connect your existing pension scheme

Connecting your existing pension scheme to PensionSync couldn’t be any easier. All you’ll need are your scheme reference and pension provider login details.

Pensions dashboard

Pensions Dashboard

The Pensions Dashboard provides full visibility across all your pension requirements. No more switching between systems, it’s all on the PensionSync Dashboard.

PensionSync seamlessly connects your pension scheme with your payroll data
Automate enrolments, contributions and payment approvals
View worker updates and notifications in one spot, with at a glance process monitoring
Manage Data without having to open CSV files, preventing you from corrupting the data formats
Access management information and advanced data tools to streamline processing
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+ Powerful Pension Automation

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Enrol workers

Export assessment details from payroll to enrol new pension members automatically.
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Send contributions

Contribution data is validated prior to submission, then sent to the pension scheme and recorded.
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Track opt outs and worker changes

PensionSync makes it easy to keep on top of opt outs and worker changes by pulling details back from the pension provider automatically.


Automated pension processing

Automated pension processing

PensionSync lets you automatically enrol workers directly from your payroll software, check contribution data is validated and sent to the pension scheme with a clear audit trail and automatically track opt outs and worker changes.

Automated direct debit payments

Automated direct debit payments

Nest pension direct debit payments are automated, so there’s no need to log in to Nest each pay period to manually push a button. For other pension providers, simply send contribution data and the pension provider will trigger the direct debit collection for you.

Pension data error correction

Pension data error correction

PensionSync automatically corrects common errors between payroll and pensions in the correct format requirements for the relevant pension scheme. There’s no need to make changes to payroll or change pension configurations.

Help when you need it

Help when you need it

Our online help centre gives guidance on how to manage your payroll-to-pension administration, with specific help content for each pension provider and payroll software so the answers are always available at your fingertips.