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Manual data entry processes driving you round the twist? PensionSync makes it easy for your payroll team to automate processing clients’ Nest pension contributions.

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Flexibility without the fuss

Even for a medium-sized payroll bureau, the volume of clients using Nest may mean that you are talking about a number of days each month spent either:

  • Uploading CSV files to each client individually on the Nest website

  • Clicking through a direct feed process in payroll

  • Reverting back to manually typing the data in online, especially if the first two options don’t work

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Efficiency at its core

Reduce the time taken to process all your clients' Nest pension contributions from days to seconds.

PensionSync allows you to simply drag and drop all pension files so you can sit back while PensionSync does the rest.

Ensure your data is accurate

Manual data entry is inherently risky - we’re all human, and it’s very easy to make a typo. How often does your auto-correct kick in when you’re typing an email or text?

Using standard data files, available from any payroll software, removes the risk of manual keying errors while PensionSync gives you all the checks, balances and audit trails you need to be 100% sure your clients’ data has been processed correctly.

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Why use PensionSync to manage Nest?

Manually typing data in Nest
CSV upload
to Nest
Direct feed to Nest
Ensure data accuracy
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Single process covering enrolments, leavers and contributions
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Bulk upload all your clients in seconds
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Common errors automatically fixed
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Payment automatically approved
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Works seamlessly with ANY payroll software
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Compare Nest to PensionSync’s processes

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Process everything with a single file

PensionSync is different. You upload a standard data file, and PensionSync automatically splits it into the separate files Nest needs, and queues them for you to be processed in turn.

You no longer need to process each step in turn, and wait for Nest to catch up between each step - PensionSync streamlines the whole sequence into a single upload.

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Separate processes every payroll run

If you are manually entering the data, uploading files on the Nest website, or even using a direct feed from payroll to Nest, you’ll know that Nest require three separate processes every payroll run:

  1. Enrolments
  2. Contributions / leavers
  3. Payment approval

There is often a processing time between these steps, meaning you have to come back to finish the job later.

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Automatically correct common errors in files

The most common reason why people fall back on typing the data into the Nest website manually is that the files their payroll software produces simply don’t work. Whether you are using CSV upload on the Nest website, or a direct feed to Nest, if the data in the file is broken, it won’t work.

Good news. PensionSync knows why the majority of files fail, and it automatically corrects the most common errors, including:

  • Pay period dates

  • Group names

  • Payment Source names

  • General data formatting, such as postcode, address and title formats

With PensionSync you get fewer errors, and more files that go through right-first-time. Even if you do get errors, PensionSync makes it easy to correct and resubmit your data file.

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Approve payments without pushing a button

Even with the best payroll direct feeds, once the data has been successfully sent, you still have an additional process to manually approve the payment to Nest.

Not with PensionSync. PensionSync proactively checks with Nest to find out when payments are due, and what the amounts are. These are automatically approved ahead of the Payment Due Date, to ensure your clients’ contributions are never paid late.

Every payment approval is recorded in PensionSync, so you have a full audit trail which can be downloaded for your records.

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Works seamlessly with your payroll software

PensionSync works with any payroll software, using file formats which are readily available from popular products including Sage, Moneysoft, Xero and BrightPay.

Some software products have PensionSync integration, which means you don’t even need to upload the files - your software sends them for you as part of the payroll run.

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The PensionSync Dashboard is a powerful new pension management tool designed for payroll users. Simplify the task of managing multiple pension schemes across multiple pension providers. Here’s a 2 minute demo to see how our app works.

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