PensionSync User Guide

Whether you are new to using PensionSync, or whether you are an existing user wanting to ensure you are getting the best out of the system our brand new PensionSync User Guide is now available.

The guide is software and pension provider agnostic, covering all the features and processes of PensionSync itself, including the PensionSync API, the PensionSync Dashboard, Scheme Management Tool and Authorisation Gateway.

Each aspect of the system is explained in a few paragraphs, usually on one page or at most two pages so you get a comprehensive overview of PensionSync without being overloaded with detail.

The PensionSync User Guide is a great overview suitable for ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the system and what it does, the PensionSync Help Centre provides far more detail and far more interactive tools such as videos, screen shots and help articles tailored to the particular software(s) and the particular pension provider(s) you are using.

You can download the PensionSync User Guide here:

PensionSync User Guide
Last updated: 17 Feb 2021