pensionsync is a solution to automate the delivery of data between payroll, AE middleware and pension provider.

Formed in 2015, Systemsync Solutions, by the founders of a highly experienced and fast moving software development consultancy based in Parsons Green, London whose engineering team had been building mobile apps, enterprise apps, software products and APIs for our customers for over 10 years.

The management team has been at the forefront of some great technical innovations for the last decade. We have worked extensively in the music industry at the cutting edge of digital software technology helping to transform our client's businesses to allow them to compete in the era of digital distribution.

In August 2019 the pensionsync technology platform was acquired by KeyPay Ltd with a clear goal to continue with the core pensionsync team to deliver ongoing innovation to the UK payroll & pensions market.

About KeyPay Ltd

KeyPay is the first true cloud-based workforce management platform built for the UK business & bureau market, designed to eliminate the traditional payroll headaches of employee onboarding, data collection, HMRC and pension compliance through automation.

Founded in Australia in 2012 KeyPay is now one of the country’s leading cloud payroll platforms, serving over 120k businesses; and processing over £12bn per year in payments.

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Our team

Ian Cox
CTO & co-founder
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Dan Donovan
Implementation Manager & Pensions Expert
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David Hilton
Client Relationship Manager & Pensions Expert
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pensionsync's shortlisted for industry award

Will Lovegrove June 15, 2018 by pensionsync has been shortlisted twice for the Workplace Savings and Benefits 2018 Awards, in the "Benefits Innovation of the Year" and "Best Use of Technology for Benefits Award" categories.

2018/19 Payroll Software Winners & Losers

Chris Deeson May 10, 2018

The beginning of May is the first opportunity that many will get to have a look at the payroll software industry and gain a view of the winners and losers.

Autoenrolment is a success - the data proves it! But data also reveals a few other things...

Will Lovegrove April 30, 2018

Autoenrolment is a success. A very small percentage of employers are initially failing to comply with the law. Approximately 6.5% to be exact. Not bad, given that well over 1m employers are now running a pension scheme.

4 GDPR reasons for automating Automatic Enrolment

Chris Deeson April 25, 2018

HEALTH WARNING: This is not a "learn how to comply with GDPR" blog.
This is a "how can you mitigate your personal data risks when sending and retrieving Automatic Enrolment data" blog.

Group life insurance: "I didn't realise it was so cheap"

Will Lovegrove April 25, 2018

The universal reaction from small employers when displays an indicative price for buying employee life insurance for the entire company is: "I didn’t realise it was so cheap"

Overcoming the barriers to making the Pensions Dashboard a success

Will Lovegrove October 18, 2016

It is vitally important that we safeguard the true value of a pensions dashboard and ensure that the project is a success. We know its value; it is now necessary to make the dashboard a reality.

Pensions Dashboard: too small an idea

Will Lovegrove March 29, 2016

Will Lovegrove, systemsync's CEO, explains his vision for the Pensions Dashboard

The 3 key AE issues facing the payroll industry

Chris Deeson November 4, 2015

Chris Deeson, systemsync's CMO, highlights the 3 AE issues facing the payroll industry and how technology can help each one.

Can you afford to lose out in the AE payroll arms race?

Stuart Pethurst October 26, 2015

Stuart Pethurst, systemsync's Business Development Manager, believes data automation is now the weapon of choice in a highly competitive payroll market.

Unfashionably optimistic about AE

Chris Deeson October 26, 2015

At the Swindon FoAE meeting on Tuesday, circa 20 people raised their hand to the not unreasonable question "is there a high risk that AE will fail next year?". 2 hands only remained defiantly down and both of them were attached to Chris Deeson's wrists.

Why is a 'pension scheme' data standard needed now?

Will Lovegrove October 19, 2015

‘AE pension scheme’ data standard released into the public domain, to boost interoperability

Will pension data automation help the employer?

Will Lovegrove October 13, 2015

"I was asked today in a meeting “will pension data automation help the employer?” It turned out to be a surprisingly difficult question to answer, because employers will not be the direct short term beneficiaries of pension data automation."

Luck, necessity and the art of proposition building

Chris Deeson October 5, 2015

"I hold my hands up; as CMO, necessity dictates that I mention the launch of systemsync’s new proposition, pensionsyncdirect, or my CEO will be having very strong words with me."

pensionsync 'direct' - the 3rd way for payroll to buy data automation

Will Lovegrove October 1, 2015

"Today, my company (systemsync) announced its plans to open up its 'pension data automation' technology for direct access by Payroll Bureaus and Employers."

Is UK Payroll more efficient than its New Zealand counterpart?

Chris Deeson September 17, 2015

"New research published by Dr Iain Clacher of the University of Leeds shows that, on average, payroll charges in the UK have increased by 30% directly because of Automatic Enrolment."

"AE: the payroll perspective" - market research report available now.

Will Lovegrove September 16, 2015

"systemsync supported Dr Iain Clacher from The University of Leeds in this work because we wanted to quantify the demand and the value of pension data automation services in the UK Payroll market."

Payroll redefined and revalued

Will Lovegrove June 4, 2015

"In my opinion the payroll industry, comprising both payroll software providers and payroll bureaux, is seriously undervalued."

Pensions, Gangnam Style & Logarithms. The real reason why Data Standards are always the last ones to arrive at a party.

Will Lovegrove October 2, 2014

"This post will explain why someone from the Music Industry (me) feels so at home right now with the UK Pension industry..."

3 predictions on the impact of the Payroll-2-Pension PAPDIS standard

Will Lovegrove July 3, 2014

"Yesterday (2nd July 2014) a significant press release was issued by ‘Pensions BIB’ announcing that they were creating a free data standard (named the PAPDIS standard)..."

Technology partners


API Management

Information security consultants

Industry collaborations


a committee of payroll industry associations, pension providers and system integrators that have freely collaborated to produce the PAPDIS standard

F&TRC Workplace forum

Innovation funding

pensionsync ltd's proprietary data integration platform was funded through its R&D partly by original founders funds from their previous company (Release Mobile Ltd) and partly from 2 consecutive Smart grants worth in excess of £300,000 (administered by Innovate UK - the UK's innovation agency, accelerating economic growth). Innovate UK is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

The Business Growth Service is a government-backed service offering support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow.

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