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Use this free calculator to work out how much time and money AE pension data automation can save your payroll bureau practice. Simply tell the calculator how many clients you have & how many payslips you produce and then hit the button!

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Monthly Weekly Fortnightly 4 weekly
No. of employers
Average Employees
Total No. of employee payslips issued for this payroll frequency
How will you charge for your AE services?
Your MONTHLY AE charge for an average client (£)
Task time spend Per client per tax period (mins)
CSV Management (downloading from payroll, manually changes, logging on & uploading the CSV into the pension provider)
Error Management (understanding error messages, fixing errors and reloading data)
Opt Out Management (downloading opt in, opt out & AVC changes from pensions/middleware & updating your payroll system)
Resource costs £ per annum
Average Salary of payroll administrator